e-books vs real books

I don’t know if there is a defined term for the opposite of an e-book or digital book so for the purpose of this discussion, I’ll call them real books. I’ve only recently started reading e-books and thought that I would never have use for another real book, as long as I live.  (Except to look at the pretty colors, feel the texture of the cover, smell the ink, and the dusty, musty odor of older books. ) I’ve read only a handful of e-books but have enjoyed the experience. I should mention here that I do not have an e-book reader but am using various e-book applications on my lap-top.

I’ve just recently read a book on health care. I have a collection of health care books (real books). So this was my first digital health care e-book. For this edition, I used Amazon’s Kindle for PCs. Reading the e-book was a breeze. I can adjust the text to suit my needs.  I can even change the color scheme so that it is less straining on my eyes. When I read this type of book I usually take notes, so juggling my lap-top and a note pad was easy to do. Then it struck me. There’s no way to put a sticky note to mark the places that I need marked. There is no way to highlight the important passages or insert notes.  I can’t lay this out on the counter and pick it up to refer to throughout the week. I’m very glad that I learned this early on, before too many of my reference materials became digital.


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