Nook Shrine

I had to stop in at Barnes and Noble yesterday. I’ve found it much safer, for me, to stay away from book stores, or book sections of stores. The temptation is so great. B&N has a discount section in the foyer. Oh, the agony. I had to stay on task. I was there for a specific purchase and then I had to be off.

I walked up to the information desk, as usual, to get help with my search. I saw posters for their Nook and anxiously looked around the information desk to find it. I’ve been really wanting to actually hold one, to touch it and engage it and see what it could do.  The information desk wasn’t manned, didn’t see a Nook, so I took off upstairs to find my books. A very nice B&N Associate helped me and on my way to pay I asked about the Nook. She was happy to show me where they were being displayed.  “This is our shrine to Nook.” she explained. I only missed it when I entered the store because I was captivated by the posters and hadn’t shifted my head a bit to the right.  “Nook” I chanted, eyes glazing over. The B&N Associate showed me how to engage the Nook and let me hold it and work with it. There was also another visitor at the shrine, so I had to make an effort not to drool and gape.

The Nook is a nice size. Much heavier than I had expected, for the size. All that miniaturized technology, I suppose. And the sturdy structure, for endurance, would be my speculation. I really like the idea of being able to stick it in my purse, to take with me every where.  Trying to operate it, it doesn’t seem intuitive to me. I’m not a technology geek, but neither am I a novice. I was fumbling a bit with the touch screen and the buttons. I’m sure that if I had had the instruction manual in front of me it would have been much easier.  The accessories (which I only caught in a glance) were exciting too.

I’ve got to pay another visit, when I’m not rushed and can spend some time working with the Nook. This day and time I can’t rush to spend that kind of money if it isn’t a really good investment.


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