Muhammad: A Story of the Last Prophet by Deepak Chopra

This is the 3rd in a series of 3 fictional novels that Deepak Chopra wrote, about  3 great Profits; Buddha, Jesus  and Muhammad.  This is the first in the series that I’ve read.

The author painted for me, a representation of the life and culture that existed during Muhammad’s lifetime.  And, introduced me to Muhammad and the birth of Islam, through stories of his life, as if related by those closest to him; his family, friends and enemies. And, he also gave me a brief introduction to Islam. I enjoyed reading this story, immensely.

I also greatly appreciated the Author’s Note and the Afterward which was a fact based discussion about Muhammad and Islam, past and present.  I’ve not thoroughly studied Deepak Chopra, but my sense of him is that he speaks honestly and without personal bias. I appreciate and trust his work.


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