Of Moose and Men; A Skewed Look at Life in Alaska by A.E. Poynor

Writing a review reporting that this was a delightful book didn’t quite seem to do it justice.  So I decided that I should explain why I found it so delightful, by chapter.

First, I should explain that I have a tiny movie production company, inside my head, which projects a movie against the inside of my forehead, when I read.  They seem to have cast Earl Pickles (from Pickles by Brian Crane) as the male lead and Calvin (of Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson) to play the role of the boy.  I find both of these comic strips and their characters very endearing.

As there are 46 chapters in this book, I will follow up with posts on my favorite chapters.

“It is a compilation of humor columns I have written for the Alaskan paper “The Peninsula Clarion.” Most of the material appeared between 1991 and 1993, and pertains to the humorous side of living in Alaska.” A.E. Poynor

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