Looking like a Real Alaskan

Of Moose and Men : A Skewed Look at Life in Alaska by A.E. Poynor

Chapter 1 – Looking like a Real Alaskan

A Real Alaskan, the author defines that term colorfully in Chapter 1.

I was so delighted to read this chapter because it reminded me of where I grew up. It is a small town in a western state, where the main industry was mining and ranching.  There was a very distinct sub-culture that was born there. The men had a specific dress code that they adhered to, much like Mr. Poynor’s Real Alaskans. Very similar, in fact. But, in addition to bedecking themselves with knives, the men in my home town also chose to wear pistols. Sometimes two of them. And, one of  their main sources of pride was the rifle filled gun racks in the truck cab windows. Most of the men donned a favorite hat that was worn to tatters. They may very well have been riveted on.  One clue that they did come off occasionally was that they grew dirtier with age, leaving me to conclude that they were not worn in the bath. Over the last 15 years or so, they have even created their own dialect. It is difficult to understand until you spend a few hours listening to stories. Then some sort of magic happens and you find yourself understanding every word.

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