Kobo™, The Cruz™Reader from Velocity®, Sony Pocket Edition™ Reader

3/16/11 – So far, I am disappointed in the performance of the Cruz tablet. I’ve found that the touch screen is inaccurate. The links  can be very small, causing the user to choose the wrong option. Trying to log on to one of my online accounts was nightmarish. It took 8 attempts to get the log in id correct, the password correct, or tap the right link to log on. I found myself flying off to an unwanted site, or returning to a previous site. More to come . . .


I stopped in at Boarders book store today to visit their e-readers. I didn’t realize that they had such a large selection of e-readers to choose from.  (I’ve embedded the link, for your ease, if you’d like to do your own comparison. )

I had hands on with 2 Sony e-readers and a Kobo. Then I found the e-reader station and OMG! I was assisted by a very knowledgable staff member, who introduced me to the Cruz Reader from Velocity, which he suggested was a mini computer. You can download a version of MS Office and it has internet capabilities, and can support multiple digital book formats. The ability to support multiple digital book formats is of the utmost importance to me. If you refer to the comparison chart, look for the row titled eBook Formats. Apparently, because The Cruz Reader has internet capabilities (wifi of course) you can download Amazon Kindle books as well.  Not all e-readers are created equally.  And there is a Cruz Tablet on it’s way, which has more memory and faster response time. YES!!


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