A Course in Weight Loss by Marianne Williamson

21 spiritual lessons for surrendering your weight forever

For Oprah

“This book began and ended as a communication between friends. Oprah Winfrey inspired the book, directed its course, and guided its vision. On a soul level definitely, and in many ways a literary one, this book was a collaborative effort. Every page is a reflection of my affection for and gratitude to her; my hope is that it brings comfort to her as she has brought comfort to so many.

To any reader who might feel that this book is a gift, please know that it was a gift from her. ”   Marianne Williamson

Oprah’s Ultimate Favorite Things 2010

“What’s the connection between weight loss and spirituality? New York Times best-selling author Marianne Williamson answers that question in A Course in Weight Loss, featuring 21 spiritual lessons for surrendering your weight forever. The lessons in this book will help you shift your relationship with your body and focus not on how quickly you lose weight but on how holistically you lose weight. “We all know that it’s a spiritual issue to help you get your mind, body and spirit aligned,” Oprah says. Get ready to begin a new relationship with food…and with yourself.”  from Oprah.com

This is one of those amazing books, published by Hay House, that cannot be a quick, easy read. It is meant to be broken down into lessons, pondered and absorbed over a few weeks or months.  Choose a few family members or close friends to create a discussion/support group to enhance the benefits.

A side note about Hay House books. This is yet another beautifully printed book. The cover is what I believe to be Oprah’s favorite, apple green, color with gold toned embossing.

Link to info about the book: A Course in Weight Loss
Link to info about the author: Marianne Williamson
Link to YouTube video: Marianne Williamson and Chapter 1

In accordance with FTC guidelines I must disclose that I have received this book, for free, from Hay House, in exchange for writing reviews for Hay House’s new book releases.

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