The CruzTM Reader from Velocity® Micro

3/16/11 – So far, I am disappointed in the performance of the Cruz tablet. I’ve found that the touch screen is inaccurate. The links  can be very small, causing the user to choose the wrong option. Trying to log on to one of my online accounts was nightmarish. It took 8 attempts to get the log in id correct, the password correct, or tap the right link to log on. I found myself flying off to an unwanted site, or returning to a previous site. More to come . . .

Feb 24 entry – I am very disappointed in Boarders. They haven’t shipped my e-reader and don’t know if/when they will.  Apparently they are not stocking these in the store, either.

I finally made a decision about the e-reader that I was going to purchase.  Boarders is having an incredible sale during the month of February,  and this was just to tempting to resist. The Cruz Reader by Velocity Micro is on sale for $119.99, regularly priced at $149.99.  I’ve heard that they’re flying off the shelves and mine is on back order (2 weeks). So, I’m not in the minority.

If you have an interest in buying an e-reader, please, take some time to shop.  Have a look at my section on Free e-Reader apps in the left hand column.  Give one a try, before you buy an e-reader. It may not be right for you. There are millions of books that you can download for free, so there is no risk to you to experiment.  First I would suggest that you consider the types of media that you read. If you love books with photos or illustrations, an e-reader may not be a good choice for you. If you read a lot of text books or cookbooks, an e-reader may not be a good choice for you.  But, if you are someone who drives through paperback books then an e-reader could be something that you would really enjoy.


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