What’s Your Type of Career, 2nd ed. by Donna Dunning, PhD

“Find your perfect career by using your personality type.”
“Take advantage of your natural way to work”
Your personality preferences are a link to a “natural way of working.”
It will enable  you to “identify areas for  growth.”

I have several books of this type, to help me understand my professional self.  I have found this one to be the most accurate, by far. You can go through the exercise, to determine your type, in about 30 minutes. The remainder of the book is divided into the personality type categories, providing details of and information about the various types. You only need to read what is relevant to you personally.  You should be able to complete the assessment and learn about yourself in just a few hours. It is very user-friendly.

You can use the information to help you decide on career development, career change,  developing an accurate resume and 60 Second Me speech.


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