The CruzTM Tablet T103 from Velocity® Micro

I thought that I did some thorough research before purchasing the T103, which uses the Android operating system. In spite of that, I was initially disappointed with its performance.  I’ve installed a D-Link wireless router in my home, so I have wireless access to the internet for this tablet,  and then I spent some time with support services, such as Amazon’s Android support and Cruz by Velocity Micro’s Facebook page. Now, I’m feeling much more comfortable with this investment.

I have quite a collection of e-books stored at Barnes and Noble and Amazon but was not able to get them to download to my T103. I spent some time with Amazon’s Android support staff who transferred them to my newly created Android account for me. The download time for 40+ books was actually only a few minutes.

Today I visited Net Galley to test download capabilities from that site. I may have gotten a bit too impatient and exited before the download was complete. I did download the e-book to my PC and then transferred it to the T103. The book opened and reads beautifully. Since some e-book files have sharing restrictions embedded in them, that may not always be possible. But I happy to keep testing the site. Barnes and Noble is next.

I think that with a little more practice, I’m really going to love this T103, as I had hoped to begin with.


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