Time for Truth by Nick Bunick

“I have come to believe that at different times angels will come into your life to protect you when you’re in danger, inspire you when you’re down, and assist you when you’re in need. But if you’re a couch-potato, you surely would have a couch-potato angel assigned to  you – not that there is anything wrong with a couch-potato or a couch-potato angel. Yet why would God waste a highly trained angel on a couch-potato?” Nick Bunick

I had read The Messengers a few years ago and was very surprised by the content, so when I found this book available I eagerly picked it up.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading this.  It was just as surprising as The Messengers.

Time for Truth is another must read for people who want to better know Jesus Christ.  This is, in part, the account of Jesus and his dearest friend Paul, from the perspective of both Jesus and Paul. The author weaves true stories into this writing so as to authenticate the stories.   I am deliberately trying to be cryptic so I don’t give too much away.  You should be surprised, as I was.

In accordance with FTC guidelines I must disclose that I have received this book, on loan from NetGalley, in exchange for writing reviews for NetGalley’s new book releases.