The Help – a novel by Kathryn Stockett

The story ended abruptly. I didn’t get to see my hopes and wishes for the 3 main characters fulfilled. I wanted, so much, to see them find happiness and the fulfillment of their dreams. I liked those women. I thought that each of them could be someone I could call a friend.

The Help is a story about 3 women, of 3 different generations, living in Jackson, Mississippi, during the early 1960s, at a time when common thought about civil liberties and American culture were being challenged. A young white women, fresh from college, is inspired to write about the exploitation of black women who earn their living working as maids and nannies for white families. I loved the colorful characters created for this Jackson community and the intrigues that played out.

The main villain in the story is Miss Hilly. Another fresh from college ambitious socialite who uses cruelty and bullying behavior to advance herself and her husband in the community.  Sadly, I’ve known more than a few Miss Hillys in my time. Their cruelty is not saved only for those whom they deem racially inferior. It was fun to see Miss Hilly get her due!