The Return of King Lillian by Suzie Plakson

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The Return of King Lillian by Suzie Plakson

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner by Stephenie Meyer

In the story Eclipse, Jasper taught the Cullens and Bella about newborn vampires. This is the story of one of the two newborn vampires that Bella met, Bree Tanner, who was created to be a part of Victoria’s vampire army which was used to wage war against the Cullens and the werewolves. Bree was the lone newborn vampire to survive the battle, but was ultimately destroyed, as we read in Eclipse, by Jane of the Volturi.

I love the author’s idea of enriching the Twilight Stories by adding more detail through additional characters. The story line and characters are the same magic as the rest of the Twilight stories.  The ending of this story made me weep.

Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

The main story in the 3rd novel, in the series, is about an army of werewolves, an army of vampires and a family of angelic vampires who go to war.

After I read Midnight Sun, I am more comfortable seeing the Twilight books as romance in addition to fantasy and horror.  However, I don’t much like the change that has come over the characters of Edward and Bella. Edward is much more controlling than before and it appears that Bella now has her legs painted on, since she’s being carried everywhere by anyone interacting with her. Maybe the mystery illness will be revealed in the final book? I do love the writing, and the story line.

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

I watched New Moon the movie before I read Twilight the novel.  I was not at all comfortable with the story line, that being a teenage suicide pact. I couldn’t understand how these could possibly be promoted as romantic. The content seems to be too adult, and should not be meant for teenagers.

In this novel, Edward, the vampire, has decided that it is too dangerous for Bella, the heroine, to be a part of his life, so he breaks up with her and leaves town. The first chapters of the story deal with the depression that Bella suffers.   As someone who can easily become engaged in a story line, it was very difficult for me to read those chapters.  I thought that the author wrote that with amazing credibility. The adventure continues as Bella struggles to get back to a more normal life.  And, the final chapters of the book are about how her life is once again intertwined with a self-destructive Edward in time to rescue him.  Again, the architecture of this story makes it a pleasure to read.

Midnight Sun (Edward’s Story) by Stephenie Meyer

On Stephenie Meyer’s website, I found a draft and first chapter of Midnight Sun. She’s released these publicly;  her words work best to explain, “my partial draft of Midnight Sun was illegally posted on the Internet and has since been virally distributed without my knowledge or permission or the knowledge or permission of my publisher.” So she’s released a rough draft and completed 1st chapter for fans of the Twilight Saga, while she ponders the fate of the book. I’ve inserted the link at the bottom of this post if you’re interested in reading these, too. I hope that you’ll help to encourage her to continue with this project. (And, shame on people who think that this type of theft is victimless or harmless. Hope you get everything that you deserve!)

The  Twilight Saga stories have been told to us by Bella.  Midnight Sun is Bella and Edward’s story, as told to us by Edward. I’m excited to get to know him better.

This is a much more colorful story than Twilight, because the story that plays out while viewing the world through Edward’s eyes is very surprising.  I look forward to learning more about the author’s creative processes.

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

The first I heard of the Twilight Saga was when the first movie was being released. I actually had no problem resisting the phenomenon because a teen love story which included a vampire didn’t appeal to me.  I’ve recently decided to add it to my summer reading list, due to encouragement from my Facebook friends.

The librarian caught me rolling my eyes when she handed me the 500 page novel and asked if this was my first time. I had to  confess that it was.  When she assured me that it was a quick read, I assumed that she meant because it is designated “young adult”.  It is actually because it is brilliantly written. The words flow so smoothly off the page. It is  because the architecture is impeccable, the characters are enchanting and the story is engaging.

As I read through the first 1/3 of the book I discovered that I was really uncomfortable with the subject matter.  That being, a teenaged girl being stalked by a predator (Edward, the vampire) and encouraging his advances. I was in fact shocked.  My initial impression was heavily influenced by all of the media for the movies, which suggested that this was a very romantic love story and the vampire was a hero.  Predator and prey wasn’t at all what I had expected. Eventually, I realized that this was more of a Beauty and the Beast type of story,  and Edward, the beast, suffered as he struggled against his true nature to have beauty in his life. Brilliantly written! I couldn’t put it down!

A Princess of Landover by Terry Brooks

The Magic Kingdom of Landover series “is a light-hearted fantasy full of adventure, color, wonderment, and amazing characters. Ben Holiday, a lawyer living in Chicago, purchases a magic kingdom for one million dollars to escape the loss of his wife and child.” The series tells of the adventures of his struggles to adapt to his new world his new life and his new responsibilities.

The latest book, A Princess of Landover, is the most recent adventure of Ben’s 15 year old daughter of blended heritage who has the same struggles of human teenage girls but with the challenge of developing her magical powers.

I love the Magic Kingdom series because the author has the ability to weave colorful, vivid stories that are effortless to read. They have adventure, romance, action and mystery. And he develops that characters in such a way as to convince me that I want them to be my friends, as well!

The Princess novel came more than 10 years after the last Magic Kingdom book written, and ends in such a way as to make me believe that there are more novels to follow! That is a wonderful thought! I missed my old friends!