Heartbeat by Danielle Steel

He is the award-winning writer and producer of one of the country’s most beloved soap operas. She is a production assistant for a network TV News program, married to a highly successful advertising professional. He is a lovable, hug-able, sensitive father and ex-husband.  She proves that life imitates art, as she becomes a doormat for her husband who divorces her when she refuses to abort their child that is  accidentally conceived.  He falls for her immediately. She takes us all on a roller coaster of emotions while she works out the details of her “real life” soap opera, torn between loyalties for him and her ex-husband.

It is the exquisite torture of a fabulous romance novel.  I found myself chiding him, “Stop being so sensitive!” And, scolding her, “Tell the truth! Tell the truth, already!!”

After All These Years by Susan Isaacs

“After All These Years” by Susan Isaacs is a crime novel, with a fusion of humor and romance, about a wealthy, middle-aged, Jewish, high school English teacher who finds her soon-to-be ex-husband stabbed to death on the floor of her kitchen. Due to lazy police work, our heroine is deemed to be the suspect in the murder, and is therefore forced to go-on-the-lamb in order to launch her own investigation. She is fortified by her knowledge of detective work that she’s acquired due to her passion for crime novels. The reader is treated to her transformation from a woman of wealth to a street wise detective.