“I find television very educational. Every time someone turns it on, I go in the other room and read a book.” Groucho Marx

e-books vs real books II

I wanted to write this as a buyer beware commentary and confess, that now, I have discovered I need to investigate e-books further.  I had thought that they were simply a copy of the original draft of the book.  Like a scanned copy saved as a pdf file. I recently purchased an e-book and discovered that there were more than the typical number of spelling errors that occurs when an edition is rushed. There were some serious editing errors too.  In one instance, the editing was incomplete and there was no way for me to extrapolate the meaning of what was once two or three sentences now merged into one.

The good news is that the e-book seller was very willing to refund my purchase with the return of the e-book and gave me the assurance that it would be pulled and corrected.

Nook Shrine

I had to stop in at Barnes and Noble yesterday. I’ve found it much safer, for me, to stay away from book stores, or book sections of stores. The temptation is so great. B&N has a discount section in the foyer. Oh, the agony. I had to stay on task. I was there for a specific purchase and then I had to be off.

I walked up to the information desk, as usual, to get help with my search. I saw posters for their Nook and anxiously looked around the information desk to find it. I’ve been really wanting to actually hold one, to touch it and engage it and see what it could do.  The information desk wasn’t manned, didn’t see a Nook, so I took off upstairs to find my books. A very nice B&N Associate helped me and on my way to pay I asked about the Nook. She was happy to show me where they were being displayed.  “This is our shrine to Nook.” she explained. I only missed it when I entered the store because I was captivated by the posters and hadn’t shifted my head a bit to the right.  “Nook” I chanted, eyes glazing over. The B&N Associate showed me how to engage the Nook and let me hold it and work with it. There was also another visitor at the shrine, so I had to make an effort not to drool and gape.

The Nook is a nice size. Much heavier than I had expected, for the size. All that miniaturized technology, I suppose. And the sturdy structure, for endurance, would be my speculation. I really like the idea of being able to stick it in my purse, to take with me every where.  Trying to operate it, it doesn’t seem intuitive to me. I’m not a technology geek, but neither am I a novice. I was fumbling a bit with the touch screen and the buttons. I’m sure that if I had had the instruction manual in front of me it would have been much easier.  The accessories (which I only caught in a glance) were exciting too.

I’ve got to pay another visit, when I’m not rushed and can spend some time working with the Nook. This day and time I can’t rush to spend that kind of money if it isn’t a really good investment.


All that mankind has done, thought, gained or been: it is lying as in magic preservation in the pages of books.” ~ Thomas Carlyle

I get so excited about books in hardback, paperback, on tapes, on cds. I love ’em all!  There are not many genres in the “Books Genres” list that I don’t have a book to fit. I love to shop for books, I love to buy books, I love to read books. I love the smell, I love the feel, I love the texture, I love all the photos, I love all the pretty colors.  Love ’em.

Then I discovered e-books. At first they held no appeal for me. A quick download – to read on my computer. Well, that’s ok. Convenient. I didn’t think that I would ever go looking for digital books. But I must confess that I’m hooked!  How’d that happen?

It began with the Kindle for PC application that Amazon offers,  free. Free is good.  Actually, these days, free, for me is great! So I thought that I’d have a look. I discovered that there are over a million (yes, over 1,000,000) free (royalty free) books  that I could download to my PC via Kindle for PC.  “Free classics and out-of-copyright, pre-1923 books, as well as limited-time free promotional books available for Kindle”.  Did you know that there are 15 “Oz” books written by Frank L. Baum? I’m reading them for the first time.

In addition to the Kindle application, I’ve acquired an application by Sony and one for Adobe Digital Books. I’ve found so many interesting books or documents to download. Too many to list here, but, I thought that I’d blog about them and other versions as well.