Smart Policies for Workplace Technology by Lisa Guerin, J.D.

“Every new device introduced in the workplace brings with it the risk of employee misuse, whether accidental or intentional. This misuse — and the practical and legal problems it can cause — consistently ranks high on the list of employers’ concerns.”

This information is directed at human resource managers or business managers, for use in developing company policies and writing employee handbooks. But, as I have done some technical writing in my past,  I found this book to be a valuable source of information and resource as well.

The manual would also be valuable for every business professional, to educate themselves in the law and help themselves understand how to best protect not only their business and profession, but their personal lives.

I also believe that anyone who is involved in social networking would find the legal information provided in this book valuable.  As pointed out by the author, what someone does in their personal life often intersects with their professional life. This material provides insight into how best to proactively manage both.

The Legal Answer Book for Families by Emily Doskow & Marcia Stewart

The Legal Answer Book for Families by Emily Doskow & Marcia Stewart published by NOLO Law for all.

This is a first edition, “Family Legal Companion” that addresses seemingly common topics such as Marriage, Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Adoption, Children, Elder Care, Wills & Estate Planning, and Lawyers. This is filled with no-nonsense information that, in my experience, is usually passed on by word of mouth from one generation to another through the family, or on the street, via gossip. Though the book, through the title, is addressed to families, I feel that this information would be relevant to individuals as well as families. I’ve never seen a book like this before. I honor the authors and publisher for their devotion to collecting and publishing this information. I think that this could be (if it isn’t already) developed into a high school or community class that would benefit many people. And I’m always a fan of using this type of informational/ educational product in group settings such as families as a way to bring them closer together.