New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

I watched New Moon the movie before I read Twilight the novel.  I was not at all comfortable with the story line, that being a teenage suicide pact. I couldn’t understand how these could possibly be promoted as romantic. The content seems to be too adult, and should not be meant for teenagers.

In this novel, Edward, the vampire, has decided that it is too dangerous for Bella, the heroine, to be a part of his life, so he breaks up with her and leaves town. The first chapters of the story deal with the depression that Bella suffers.   As someone who can easily become engaged in a story line, it was very difficult for me to read those chapters.  I thought that the author wrote that with amazing credibility. The adventure continues as Bella struggles to get back to a more normal life.  And, the final chapters of the book are about how her life is once again intertwined with a self-destructive Edward in time to rescue him.  Again, the architecture of this story makes it a pleasure to read.