Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

The first I heard of the Twilight Saga was when the first movie was being released. I actually had no problem resisting the phenomenon because a teen love story which included a vampire didn’t appeal to me.  I’ve recently decided to add it to my summer reading list, due to encouragement from my Facebook friends.

The librarian caught me rolling my eyes when she handed me the 500 page novel and asked if this was my first time. I had to  confess that it was.  When she assured me that it was a quick read, I assumed that she meant because it is designated “young adult”.  It is actually because it is brilliantly written. The words flow so smoothly off the page. It is  because the architecture is impeccable, the characters are enchanting and the story is engaging.

As I read through the first 1/3 of the book I discovered that I was really uncomfortable with the subject matter.  That being, a teenaged girl being stalked by a predator (Edward, the vampire) and encouraging his advances. I was in fact shocked.  My initial impression was heavily influenced by all of the media for the movies, which suggested that this was a very romantic love story and the vampire was a hero.  Predator and prey wasn’t at all what I had expected. Eventually, I realized that this was more of a Beauty and the Beast type of story,  and Edward, the beast, suffered as he struggled against his true nature to have beauty in his life. Brilliantly written! I couldn’t put it down!