Well Seasoned Women by Brenda Kay Pfeifer

“As we collect seasonings, our taste changes. We add a little, we leave out a little.  Gathering spices and creating a personal recipe is a lifelong process.” Brenda Kay Pfeifer

The seeds for this amazing self-help workbook were sown nearly 30 years ago, but this wisdom is as relevant today, as ever.  For many years Brenda conducted workshops for Well Seasoned Women. The material presented and collected was cultivated, nourished and sculpted to become this incredible tool.

I would suggest becoming familiar with the book first, and then make a commitment of time to spend on the activities. You can take this journey when you need alone time, or invite a few friends to join you. Do this with close friends or family members, or people with whom you hope to become closer.  Think about taking this on a women’s retreat where you can spend a few days, away from it all, as you take this amazing journey of self discovery, with Brenda as your guide. www.wellseasonedwomen.com