Wishes Fulfilled by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Wishes Fulfilled is designed to take you on a voyage of discovery, wherein you can begin to tap into the amazing manifesting powers that you possess within you and create a life in which all that you imagine for yourself becomes a present fact.”  Hay House                    by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

First, I must disclose that I am relatively new to this-way-of-thinking or this train-of-thought, this spiritual path. Because I know how silly it may sound to some well-educated or well seasoned individuals when I say:

I read this book in a day. This was the first of Dr. Dyer’s that I could so easily absorb and I felt hungry and wanted more, so pushed through to the end. Again, please pardon the oh so common phrases but at the end, I felt that my experience was mind-bending and life-altering.

I have heard of similar events, that Dr. Dyer has personally experienced and writes about, but had not given them much credence. I feel that because this is reported by Dr. Dyer – this opens up a whole new world of thought and possibilities – as was intended.

I am deliberately being vague because I don’t want to spoil, for the next readers, what I thought were some amazing stories and events. They’ll have to choose for themselves if they are to be life altering.

In accordance with FTC guidelines I must disclose that I have received this book, for free, from Hay House, in exchange for writing reviews for Hay House’s new book releases.

Jesus, A Story of Enlightenment by Deepak Chopra

This is one of three fictional tales by Dr. Chopra, about three of the worlds greatest spiritual leaders: Jesus, Mohammad and the Buddha.

I appreciate how Dr. Chopra depicts Jesus as the not so common young man who is struggling with the strife of his people while on a journey to understand their god.  In this tale, the reader gets a sense of what life challenges could have confronted the young Jesus and the actualizing life events and mentors that helped to shape “The Light of the World”. The best part of this book, for me, was the final chapter, “The Journey Home”  Dr. Chopra’s spiritual lesson.

I found this book entertaining, but I was a little thrown by the contemporary language and slang terms that were used to depict events that happened 2,000 years ago.


Wholeliness – Embracing the Sacred Unity That Heals Our World by Carmen Harra, Ph. D.

Whole-li-ness \ HOL-lee-ness \ n. The condition, state, or quality of being healed, whole, and in harmony with the Divine and all that exists.
From the Old English word hal, meaning “healthy, unhurt, entire.” Hal is also the root word for holy, which means “saintly, godly, or spiritually pure.”
From: Wholeliness by Carmen Harra, Ph.D.

 This is a guide-book written to help the reader “integrate wholeliness” into their life. Part I teaches the reader to recognize the behaviors which block wholeliness. Part II teaches the reader to awaken overlooked connections. Part III teaches the reader to challenge themselves to make critical shifts in perspective. Part IV provides the reader with practical ideas for living a life with wholeliness. Each chapter has 3 exercises (Observe, Pray and Act) to help the reader develop their techniques.

I am fortunate that I have been able to read books written by various authors on the subject of The Source and Wholeliness, etc.  Each author brings a different perspective, and different  spiritual practices to help guide one on their spiritual path. Such a variety allows one to choose what practice best fits into their own lifestyle.  Dr. Harra, I believe, writes from a mystical perspective adding an additional dimension to one’s knowledge base, or learning experience helping to give a new comer a broader perspective than some of the other spiritual guide-books that I’ve read.

Link to info about the book: Wholeliness
Link to info about the author: Carmen Harra, Ph.D.

In accordance with FTC guidelines I must disclose that I have received this book, for free, from Hay House, in exchange for writing reviews for Hay House’s new book releases.

The Power of Your Spirit – A Guide to Joyful Living by Sonia Choquette

This paragraph, from the afterward of the book, best summarizes what the author wishes the reader to take away:

“Moving through the four stages of transformation as we come to embrace the authentic power of our Spirit is a dynamic and challenging process. Each phase demands our full attention, evokes our worst fears, challenges our limited beliefs, and demands relentless courage, as we’re asked to grow in ways that aren’t always comfortable or easy.”

This instructional guide is separated into four stages:

  • Awakening your Spirit
  • Discovering your Spirit
  • Surrendering to your Spirit
  • Flowing with your Spirit

I’ve found this to be some of the easiest to understand and implement instruction on Intention that I’ve read. Each chapter has short stories representing experiences of others who have taken this journey to help make it easier to relate to the content. Other categories in each chapter include “Making the Shift” which explains the process one would need to go through; “Asking the Questions” which is a list of questions for the traveler to contemplate and a section “Daily Practice” to begin learning the discipline of Intention. This is a good guide for the novice, but I also think that those who have been studying Intention for sometime will find this an interesting read that will churn up new inspiration.

Link to info about the book: The Power of Your Spirit
Link to info about the author: Sonia Choquette

In accordance with FTC guidelines I must disclose that I have received this book, for free, from Hay House, in exchange for writing reviews for Hay House’s new book releases.

Be Your Own Shaman by Deborah King

“Be Your Own Shaman” is a recounting of the author’s personal journey as she trained to become a healer or shaman. She uses her own tragic childhood stories to help the novice reader understand some of the technical language that is used. She talks freely of supernatural events that occurred while she was still a novice. And she uses her experiences while in training to help the reader get a real feel for the amount of work and dedication required to become a healer. Sprinkled amongst the pages of this amazing journey are lessons for the shaman in training.

Link to info about the book: Be Your Own Shaman
Link to info about the author: Deborah King

In accordance with FTC guidelines I must disclose that I have received this book, for free, from Hay House, in exchange for writing reviews for Hay House’s new book releases.

The Dog Who Couldn’t Stop Loving by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson

How Dogs Have Captured Our Hearts for Thousands of Years

This is more than a collection of bits of information about the relationships between  man and dog. I think that this is a love story inspired by Mr. Masson’s relationship with and love for his beloved dog, Benjy, and 2 cats. This is the first book that I’ve read by this award-winning author.  It has some provocative ideas about how the relationship between man and dog was developed thousands of years ago.  And there are some heart warming, stories about Masson’s relationships with his four-legged family members.  His dialogue is supported by a full bibliography section, notes and index.

The Legal Answer Book for Families by Emily Doskow & Marcia Stewart

The Legal Answer Book for Families by Emily Doskow & Marcia Stewart published by NOLO Law for all.

This is a first edition, “Family Legal Companion” that addresses seemingly common topics such as Marriage, Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Adoption, Children, Elder Care, Wills & Estate Planning, and Lawyers. This is filled with no-nonsense information that, in my experience, is usually passed on by word of mouth from one generation to another through the family, or on the street, via gossip. Though the book, through the title, is addressed to families, I feel that this information would be relevant to individuals as well as families. I’ve never seen a book like this before. I honor the authors and publisher for their devotion to collecting and publishing this information. I think that this could be (if it isn’t already) developed into a high school or community class that would benefit many people. And I’m always a fan of using this type of informational/ educational product in group settings such as families as a way to bring them closer together.

Heartbeat by Danielle Steel

He is the award-winning writer and producer of one of the country’s most beloved soap operas. She is a production assistant for a network TV News program, married to a highly successful advertising professional. He is a lovable, hug-able, sensitive father and ex-husband.  She proves that life imitates art, as she becomes a doormat for her husband who divorces her when she refuses to abort their child that is  accidentally conceived.  He falls for her immediately. She takes us all on a roller coaster of emotions while she works out the details of her “real life” soap opera, torn between loyalties for him and her ex-husband.

It is the exquisite torture of a fabulous romance novel.  I found myself chiding him, “Stop being so sensitive!” And, scolding her, “Tell the truth! Tell the truth, already!!”

What’s Your Type of Career, 2nd ed. by Donna Dunning, PhD

“Find your perfect career by using your personality type.”
“Take advantage of your natural way to work”
Your personality preferences are a link to a “natural way of working.”
It will enable  you to “identify areas for  growth.”

I have several books of this type, to help me understand my professional self.  I have found this one to be the most accurate, by far. You can go through the exercise, to determine your type, in about 30 minutes. The remainder of the book is divided into the personality type categories, providing details of and information about the various types. You only need to read what is relevant to you personally.  You should be able to complete the assessment and learn about yourself in just a few hours. It is very user-friendly.

You can use the information to help you decide on career development, career change,  developing an accurate resume and 60 Second Me speech.

Ravenous – a food lover’s journey from obsession to freedom by Dayna Macy

Ravenous is a journal of Dayna Macy’s journey to discover the reasons for her obsession with food, which she feels has caused her difficulties in managing her weight.

She summarizes her experience into 3 groups: Seduction, Communion and Transformation. She shares candid stories of her past and current experiences which have shaped her relationship with food, and her hands on research that she’s done to really allow her to delve deeply into the process from planting to cooking.

In the section about Seduction, she has a one on one encounter with five of her food group weaknesses – actually learning about and experiencing how they are made.

In her section on Communion she writes about her visits to the local farming co-op that feeds her family; some time spent foraging for wild vegetation; preparing her traditional family feast; baking bread; visiting a slaughter house; and revisiting her hometown, where she feels her particular love for food developed.

In the final section on Transformation she writes about her experiences fasting; melding of mind and body through yoga; learning about portion control; and learning about other’s relationships with food through volunteering at a soup kitchen.

I sat down last evening to have a look at this book. Once I began reading this amazing journey, I couldn’t stop until I finished. Danya Macy’s writing flows easily and is deliberately and deliciously colorful. I loved the stories, the honesty, and having the sense that I could relate to her struggle. I applaud her courage for her hands-on approach to becoming more intimate with food. I was not able to read the chapter she wrote on the slaughter of calves but I praise her for having the courage to endure the experience. And as an added treat, she shares some of the recipes from her experiences, at the end of each chapter, so that we can more closely share her experience.

Link to info about the book:  Ravenous
Link to info about the author: Dayna Macy

In accordance with FTC guidelines I must disclose that I have received this book, for free, from Hay House, in exchange for writing reviews for Hay House’s new book releases.

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