Experience Your Good Now! Learning to Use Affirmations By Louise L. Hay

Experience Your Good Now!
Learning to Use Affirmations. By Louise L. Hay

This is an interesting tool set (book and audio cd) for people who struggle with their internal dialogue. On the cd, that accompanies the book, Ms. Hay provides 1.25 hours of lecture on what affect our internal dialogue has on our lives, a way to distinguish positive and negative dialogue, and possible replacement dialogue, or affirmations, for different aspects of our lives.

Each chapter in the book provides a self assessment, explanations about possible causes of negative dialogue and the positive affirmations that will help transform negative dialogue into positive.

The chapters include Affirmations for:

Fearful Emotions
Critical Thinking
Money and Prosperity
Love and Intimacy

I would suggest that you first take the time to savor to the lecture, so you have a firm understanding of the purpose of this tool set. I would then do the self assessments. I was not surprised by some of the results. I’ve known that I have areas that need work. But there were a few categories that did surprise me.  And, now I know where I need the most work, and for me that is the most logical place to begin. I find that it is very helpful to learn where the negativity comes from so that I can mount a type of defense against future influences.

There were two chapters in the book that I do look forward to offer further comment on, since the purpose of Joy Quest is to offer support for those with chronic illness. One chapter is for the Affirmations for Health, the other Chapter is Affirmations for Addictions.

In accordance with FTC guidelines I must disclose that I have received this book, for free, from Hay House, in exchange for writing reviews for Hay House’s new book releases.

Heart Thoughts by Louise L. Hay

This is a marvelous book full of positive affirmations and corresponding dialogues to help the reader strengthen their inner wisdom.

This is written in a manner so that a busy reader can pick the book up for only a few minutes a day and begin the journey of empowerment.