Of Moose and Men : A Skewed Look at Life in Alaska by A.E. Poynor

I thought that I would blog about this book a little differently from the others.  This book is so funny that I want to share the laughs as I experience them.  And, I have experienced a full range of laughter from a giggle and an out loud guffaw to a high-pitched whine.  My abdominal muscles ache and no one would want to be in the same room with me. My good dog escapes to another room.

I shall start by sharing some of the reviews from the back of the book:

Lori Evans, Executive Editor, The Peninsula Clarion:

“I eagerly look forward to Poynor joining the ranks of Clemens, Harte and Thurber; they are all deceased.”

Author’s Mother:

“Oh, all right, you can quote me. Just don’t say anything stupid, like I read this sort of drivel.”

Kathy Tarr, Executive Director, Kenai Visitors & Convention Bureau:

“If I was a tourist, and could buy only one book on my trip to Alaska, this would be it. That way, if my luggage was lost, I wouldn’t be nearly so pissed.”
From the Author:”It is a compilation of humor columns I have written for the Alaskan paper ‘The Peninsula Clarion.’ Most of the material appeared between 1991 and 1993, and pertains to the humorous side of living in Alaska.”