The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable by Patrick Lencioni

This was an interesting and easy read.

The author presented the first part of his lesson by way of a fictional story of an executive team deemed dysfunctional, and forced into transition through the efforts of their new CEO. The reader becomes a “fly on the wall” in their off site and office team meetings to witness the processes of introducing the changes and their emotional impacts on the team members. I thought that this was well thought out and a very successful means to present the lesson.

The next part of the book is “The Model”.
Then an “Overview of the Model” & “Team Assessment”.
And finally “Understanding and Overcoming the Five Dysfunctions”.

I found the Team Assessment section and the lessons on Overcoming the Five Dysfunctions the most interesting and informative.

Here are the Five Dysfunctions:

  1. Absence of Trust
  2. Fear of Conflict
  3. Lack of Commitment
  4. Avoidance of Accountability
  5. Inattention to Results


Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen

I have never thought of giving a book a “content suitability for certain audiences” rating before I read this one.  I would have to give this an “X: Adults Only” rating due to the explicit sexual content, violence and language which I found unnecessary for this story line.

This story tells a tale of two time lines in the life of a circus veterinarian. It begins as the elderly version of the man who is forced into memories of his youth. Throughout the story,  he is transported back and forth between the two time lines. This is the first dual time line story that I’ve actually enjoyed. With the exception of the “X” rated parts. This is a delightful easy read. The author has a talent for description which allows the reader to easily become absorbed by the story line.  She has done quite a bit of research into circuses of the past, which helps to make the story more authentic.

The CruzTM Tablet T103 from Velocity® Micro

3/16/11 – So far, I am disappointed in the performance of this tablet. I’ve found that the touch screen is inaccurate. The links  can be very small, causing the user to choose the wrong option. Trying to log on to one of my online accounts was nightmarish. It took 8 attempts to get the log in id correct, the password correct, or tap the right link to log on. I found myself flying off to an unwanted site, or returning to a previous site. More to come . . .


It’s here! It’s here! It’s finally here! I bought a previously owned tablet. So I’m trying to determine if it words properly and looking for the manual.  But, it’s here!


What’s Your Type of Career, 2nd ed. by Donna Dunning, PhD

I found this book to be easy to use and understand. The testing portion was quick and painless and very insightful. This is an invaluable tool for those who find themselves in career change.

Shared Hope (Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul) by Circle of Friends Ministries

“Every woman needs “a place to belong”—and that’s the underlying theme of Shared Hope, a brand-new devotional compilation focusing on the true Source of hope and all the good things He provides.”
Barbour Publishing

Shared Hope is a beautiful gift from Circle of Friends Ministries.  It is a  collection of verses from the bible that are editorialized by a variety of contributors and put together in a lovely, colorful flexibound book that will make a precious gift for any occasion.

A Homemade Christmas by Tina Barseghian

Creative Ideas for an Earth-Friendly, Frugal, Festive Holiday

I love to pick up books like this to help me get more enJOYment out of my holidays. This is full of ideas, instructions and recipes to help inspire one to create holiday traditions. This is a great idea book for families with children, and it is also a great book to inspire projects for get togethers for adults of all ages and service groups too!

Another aspect of this book that I really like is the inspiration to re-purpose or re-use items.  It inspires our creativity and provides answers to how to have festive celebrations on a budget.

As I read through this book I realized that these creative, crafty ideas work for any festive day or holiday in the year. So you can begin planning for next year’s holidays right away.

Published by Harlequin

Archangels 101 by Doreen Virtue

How to Connect Closely with Archangels Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Gabriel and Others for Healing, Protection, and Guidance

I found this to be a very interesting piece of work.  I would categorize this as an encyclopedia of Archangels. Everything that one would need to know about the fifteen most well-known or active Archangels are referenced with an explanation of who they are and how to interact with them. The information about each Archangel is based on teachings from various religious organizations who embrace the idea of Angels.

Besides the beauty of the content of this book, it is beautifully put together with a lot of exquisite angel representations.

Published by Hay House, Inc.

Angel Words by Doreen Virtue & Grant Virtue

Visual Evidence of How Words Can Be Angels in Your Life

The first chapter is a fascinating report on the study of the literal power or energy in words and the impact that the negative or positive energy has on life.

The following chapters contain positive affirmations to be used, with an explanation on why one would want to change their thought and speaking patterns and how the positive words work.

This is a very useful tool for those learning to live with intention.

Published by Hay House, Inc.

American Heroes in Special Operations by Oliver North and Chuck Holton

I chose this book to read because of the author, Oliver North.  I was very curious to read what he had written.  It is actually a part of a series that he has produced. Had I fully known the subject matter of the book, prior to my selection, I wouldn’t have chosen it. (I shy away from war stories, due to the violence.) That would have been tragic for me. My timing (Veteran’s Day) was a coincidence, but made it all the more relevant.

“American Heroes in Special Operations” is a compilation of short stories , reporting true Special Operations Force’s events that have taken place since the launch of the War on Terror. The stories are reported with as much fact and detail as is allowed by law. The book also includes: amazing photos, to help support the stories written about events in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq; detailed definitions for novices (like me); and most importantly, recounts the honors awarded to the participants in these events.

Once I started reading this book, I could not put it down. It is written in such a manner so as not to titillate the reader by the horrorifics of battle, but to recount the stories in as much detail as possible, so the reader gets a very good sense of what the participants endured. The words flow smoothly so it is easy to become engaged in the stories and with the participants.  I was cheering for the good guys, boo/hissing the bad guys, and weeping for those who were lost. The stories seem so fantastic that I had to frequently remind myself that this is not fiction or fantasy, but real stories about real people.

I’ve found this book of true stories to be important to me, because it has helped me become more of a participant in the War on Terror, if only through new knowledge. I feel very strongly that this book belongs in every home in America. If there were ever a reason to get everyone moving in one direction at one time, it should be to collectively read this book so as to more fully appreciate what it actually means to go to war.

Kobo™, The Cruz™Reader from Velocity®, Sony Pocket Edition™ Reader

3/16/11 – So far, I am disappointed in the performance of the Cruz tablet. I’ve found that the touch screen is inaccurate. The links  can be very small, causing the user to choose the wrong option. Trying to log on to one of my online accounts was nightmarish. It took 8 attempts to get the log in id correct, the password correct, or tap the right link to log on. I found myself flying off to an unwanted site, or returning to a previous site. More to come . . .


I stopped in at Boarders book store today to visit their e-readers. I didn’t realize that they had such a large selection of e-readers to choose from.  (I’ve embedded the link, for your ease, if you’d like to do your own comparison. )

I had hands on with 2 Sony e-readers and a Kobo. Then I found the e-reader station and OMG! I was assisted by a very knowledgable staff member, who introduced me to the Cruz Reader from Velocity, which he suggested was a mini computer. You can download a version of MS Office and it has internet capabilities, and can support multiple digital book formats. The ability to support multiple digital book formats is of the utmost importance to me. If you refer to the comparison chart, look for the row titled eBook Formats. Apparently, because The Cruz Reader has internet capabilities (wifi of course) you can download Amazon Kindle books as well.  Not all e-readers are created equally.  And there is a Cruz Tablet on it’s way, which has more memory and faster response time. YES!!

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