A Princess of Landover by Terry Brooks

The Magic Kingdom of Landover series “is a light-hearted fantasy full of adventure, color, wonderment, and amazing characters. Ben Holiday, a lawyer living in Chicago, purchases a magic kingdom for one million dollars to escape the loss of his wife and child.” The series tells of the adventures of his struggles to adapt to his new world his new life and his new responsibilities.

The latest book, A Princess of Landover, is the most recent adventure of Ben’s 15 year old daughter of blended heritage who has the same struggles of human teenage girls but with the challenge of developing her magical powers.

I love the Magic Kingdom series because the author has the ability to weave colorful, vivid stories that are effortless to read. They have adventure, romance, action and mystery. And he develops that characters in such a way as to convince me that I want them to be my friends, as well!

The Princess novel came more than 10 years after the last Magic Kingdom book written, and ends in such a way as to make me believe that there are more novels to follow! That is a wonderful thought! I missed my old friends!